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Looking Back on the Aug 11th Shows in Lancaster PA

Many thanks to Ross Felker for taking notes and reporting on the shows in Lancaster on Saturday, Aug. 11th.

I had no slow-downs getting to Lancaster; I left at 7:45 am from Alexandria and got there before 10:00am (went I-495 to Baltimore-Washington Pkwy, then I-695 to I-83). However, others reported bad traffic on the beltway between I-66 and I-270. Austin Cotton said he was delayed for over an hour on the beltway between I-66 and I-270, but he made it in plenty of time for the show.

The Harmo Truck arrived at the American Music Theatre (AMT) about 10:15, driven by Phil Ashford and Drew Fuller. Carl Kauffman and Bob Rhome guided setting up the black skirts on the risers. Here are some folks that were there to help unload the truck and set up the risers.

Rich Hewitt

Carl Kauffman

Bob Rhome

Ross Felker

Shawn Tallant

Ken Henderson

Craig Kujawa

New Harmonizer Carlos Barillo was there with camera equipment taking action photos for both shows.

TBD warmed-up on stage around 11:00, with Joe Cerutti providing direction. Warm up for the chorus began around 11:45, with Will Cox leading. Then Tony Colosimo led us in a coaching session on pitch. We were on the risers round 12:15 for run-throughs with Joe leading. We broke about 1:10pm and had time to change, and grab a bite for those who had something. Then we met for warm-ups at 1:35pm, then on stage by 2:00pm for show start.

The food spread was good between shows (sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, drinks).

Audience size: 445 for the day; 359 for the evening.

Harmonizers: 50 - 60 singers; Dixie Kennett took attendance at both shows

Reaction: Standing ovations in both performances. “Stars and Stripes” got a great reaction with the huge American Flag lowered during the song.

It was great to have MAYHEM, DA CAPO and Top Shelf to do quartet sets on the shows with us too.  The audience got a great show with all these quartets to round out the show.

During MAYHEM's performance, the Harmonizers surprised the quartet by playing along with their Unicorn song. In the second show, the Harmonizers attempted "YMCA" hand-signals during the Unicorn song, but MAYHEM got pay-back by accelerating the song at an unexpected time and ending it early. Feedback from the audience was very positive, with the Harmonizers visible through a see-through curtain.

During “Circle of Life,” all MAYHEM members took solos. Their lead, Neil "Pookie" Dingle, did the African introduction to "Circle;" he was dressed in festive African garb. Audience response to "Circle" was terrific.

Our a cappella group, TBD, sang the African chant during "Circle."  

Tony Colosimo sang all solos during “Jersey Boys.”

The AMT was a great venue. The staff was very helpful and easy to work with. The dressing rooms were clean, well-lighted, and the a/c kept things cool.

Thanks to Greg Tepe for an excellent show production!



Producer Greg offered these thanks you notes:

A BIG thanks to all who came up to Lancaster on Saturday for the double performance. Both shows were a huge success, great singing well received with numerous standing ovations.

Thanks for all the early arrivers who helped unload the truck and get the risers and skirts set-up so quickly. And to everyone at the end of the show getting the risers struck so quickly and the truck packed and on its way by 10pm.

To Bruce Lauther for securing this well-paid performance.
To Robyn for her help backstage.
To K-12 for his usual good choral management.
To Scott Kahler for all his help with the sound board.
To Dixie for all her help with the lighting.
To Scipio and Mike Kelly for the MC spots.
To Joe, Tony, Terry, Mike and Will for all the directing.
To TBD, TOP SHELF, MAYHEM and DA CAPO for giving their day to perform on our shows.

As you can see it takes quite a team to pull off a successful performance.
I thank you all for all your assistance, hard work, and singing !!


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on with the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd.)

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