Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking Back on Sept 18th Chapter Meeting

Everyone knew we had lots of work to do this week.  The many new members were on the stage learning or reviewing the stage moves for the contest package.  Plus there were a couple guys working with Chuck McKeever who have been missing recently who were getting in a review too.

The set up crew had the meeting hall all ready early.  For our listening session, we heard BAY RUM RUNNERS to get our ears in tune and get our bodies up on the risers.

Assistant director Will Cox did the warm ups. And associate director Tony Colosimo took charge until director Joe Cerutti arrived from a meeting. Operations vp Scott Kahler also was in a meeting there in Durant to learn about upcoming changes in the Jeff Houston School that adjoins Durant.

We all welcomed coach and chorus friend, David Wright, to help us get fired up with our contest package.  He reflected his joy in the lyrics of this ballad and the fun of the whole package.  He concentrated on giving us some general tools to use.  And, tho it was not a surprise to us, he stressed the whole issue of intonation skills.

It was amazing how many little things he could find to clean up, and more amazing how he knew how to suggest we fix them.  Or actually – just tell us to do it and we fixed them. It was apparent that many of them were things Joe and his staff have pointed out before.  Joe also took many notes, so YeEd expects we will be drilling on them next week. 

AND at the all-day retreat on Sat. Sept. 29th at Jeff Houston next door – day starts at 8:30 am.

We took a break after working on the ballad to conduct our chapter meeting.  Assistant director Terry Reynolds reminded all guys to update their attendance plans on Groupanizer.

He also offered extra copies of the China show flyer.  (There was still a lot of talk and visiting among the members about the fantastic trip.  Some guys had just arrived home the day before, and a few guys were still there.)

Membership vp Phil Ashford welcomed 5 or 6 guests – four are applicants.  Others were first timers.

After a break for refreshments, operations vp Scott was back to conduct the rest of the meeting.

Scipio Garling reported on the ticket sales already made for the Holiday shows.  All as a reminder for guys to get tickets for their family, friends and regular customers.

Phil announced plans for the planning team meeting to organize the Alumni Nite event we are having on Tues Oct. 16, right after the district contest.  All former members will be welcomed back.

Then we went back to work with David.  We sang and did reps right up til 10 pm.

There was a good crowd of folks who helped sing with the guests, put stuff away, buy scrip cards and such.

Each week, YeEd sends the Looking Back column to the weekly guests.  Here is a note from our friends from England who were at the Sept 11th meeting:

Many thanks from Liz & Myself to the welcome extended to us on Tuesday . We enjoyed it very much and were privileged to watch one of the top choruses in the USA in action . We will take many good memories back with us and hope to incorporate some of your ethos into our respective choruses st home.

Once again many thanks -- Mark & Liz Bridle

Last weekend several Harmonizers were in the audience at the Pride of Baltimore Sweet Adelines chapter show.  Our chance to support them as they often do for us.  Good to see Joe at work with his “other” chorus.  MAINSTREET was the guest quartet and they were really fun. Many Harmonizer family members also sing in the POB chorus.

Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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