Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking Back on Sept 25th Chapter Meeting

Our “listening” time (which is what we do to get the guys on the risers) was to hear Westminster chorus.  The goal was to see what they were doing we could learn from.  Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm up and incorporated his points from the listening session.  We did many scales and exercises for breathing and unity.

He welcomed director Joe Cerutti up front and Joe responded to the terrific coaching session from last week with David Wright.  Joe invited chorus members to remind others some of the major points we learned last week.  The list was long.  As a group we agreed two of the most significant were

“Give Your Best, Not Your All”

“It Needs to Matter to Each of Us”

Then to work on the risers.  First off, Chuck McKeever followed up on his recent work to “smooth” out or make the moves more fluid for the uptune. 

Then Tony worked on attention to pitch in spots by various sections.  We worked the whole first half on the uptune, actually.

Mark Klostermeyer was acting operations guys this week and conducted the chapter meeting.

First up was Craig Kujawa reminding all singers in the contest that they must have a convention registration.  See Bob Rhome or do it online. Tickets will be issue via the Will Call or Box Office at the Ocean City convention.

Second up was Brian Ammerman with beginning details for our huge show gig on Fri., Oct. 5 for the lawyers group.  Watch for email info from our producer Greg Tepe. Greg suggests the chorus call will be about 8 pm. No Harmo family or friends will be able to attend.  We are the hired entertainment for the group’s banquet event.

Secretary Chris Buecher presented new member packets to Carlos Barillo (and a pin for Steve Lingo who gets the Man of Note Award for sponsoring Carlos); Ben Roberts and Steve Szyszka.

Chris also presented membership renewal cards to TJ Donahue for 3 years; Bob Mattes for 14 years; Randall Eliason for 17 years; Dick Dangel for 20 years; Chuck McKeever for 26 years; Len Dornberger for 28 years; Ken Fess for 28 years; Mike Kelly for 32 years; Mick Stamps for 33 yeasrs; Randy Lazear for 38 years; and Jack Pitzer for 47 years.

Membership vp Phil Ashford welcomed Wayne Baker and David Hood who are applicants.

We had a good break to get refreshments and take care of chapter business as usual. The chapter meeting continued with details of this Saturday’s chorus retreat.

We are meeting 8:30 – 4:30 at Jeff Houston School, next to Durant.  ALERT:  there will be almost no parking around since Durant is location of huge arts fair.  Take Metro or plan to walk a long way.  AND bring yourself waters or coffee or other drinks you will want for an all day session, plus some food.  There will be a chance to order pizza with the rest of the chorus. Community services vp Clyde Crusenberry is working on this detail.

President Steve Murane spoke again about the retreat and the Oct. 5 show. He was happy to report that we have been paid for the show and presented the check to treasurer David Welter.

Then back to work on the risers. We did a review of three of the songs for the Oct. 5 show with Tony and assistant director Will Cox directing.

After that we concentrated on the contest set til past 10 pm.  Joe did speak a bit about his excitement for this chorus and its work on this set.  He also reminded all of us to plan to join the group who will sing in Normandy France in 2014.  One point he makes is that if you need to talk to someone about money or other matters, so you can go along, do it now while there is time for others of the chapter to help you.

He reflected more on the China trip and thanked Brad Jones for all the work he did to make it happen.  The chorus joined Joe in this thank you.  We went to see things and explore China on that trip. 

For the France trip we will go to sing and perform.  We already know of some chapter friends who will be joining or rejoining the chapter chorus to sing with us.

And Joe also stressed that he is so looking for 120 men to sing at Toronto International contest. He saluted the newest members including 16-year-old Ben Roberts who is killing the performance of the contest songs, and former singers back to join us like Paul Grimes and Chuck Hunter.

Joe reports that a music team committee has narrowed a list of possible songs from 80 to 29 to 8 and then to 5 earlier tonite.  Those five songs will go out to premier Society arrangers to see what they can create for us.

Next week Geri Geis will be back to rekindle the visual presentation level to go with the solid musical performances of the last two weeks. 

Until next time – editorjack!

 (This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week at an Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter meeting. —YeEd.)

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