Monday, August 15, 2016

Looking Back on the Aug. 5 Market Square Show and Aug. 9th Chapter Meeting

The annual performance on Market Square in Old Town Alexandria, Friday nite, Aug. 5th, drew a large audience and a good sized chorus was out for this gig.  Risers were up early and Mike Kelly and crew had good sound set up for us. Lots of folks had brought folding chairs for the comfortable summer evening. 


Associate director Tony Colosimo did the warm up inside city hall.  Brian Ammerman was our pitch man for the nite. 


Our small group, TBD, did two songs as part of the show featuring a couple soloists – Noah Van Gilder and Jeff Burkey.


We did a mix of patriotic music and our contest songs. We invited audience participation on some too.


Chorus manager Mark Klostermeyer got everyone’s parking slip approved for free parking!


Mikey Robertson sang his first show with the chorus!! Welcome aboard.


Director Joe Cerutti was emcee along with Mike and Jeremy Richardson who plugged our fall show and invited singers to come join us. As usual we competed with jets from National Airport – usual on the soft passages!


Several former Harmonizers were in the audience and many family members.


Tuesday nite, the hall was full of Harmonizers.  We formed a huge circle standing in the main hall at Durant for warm up and for the rehearsal time (we almost needed to push the walls of the building out to get the circle large enough). 


Tony did the warm ups and then Joe came to the center of the room to direct and work with us for the songs for the fall show. There was a significant time set aside for sectionals, then after break we worked on a review of songs from “Milk” that will be in the fall show too.


Executive director Terry Reynolds reported that Doug White is still in country visiting family before going overseas.  He thanks all for their notes.  The chapter is happy to report that Doug sold one of our riser sets and the new ones will arrive next week. 



Terry reminded us all about the all sectionals on Sat 13th at First Baptist at 9 am.


Stay tuned for details about the meeting call Dog Days in Manassas – we will sing all the new songs.


Chapter secretary Chris Buechler reminded all members to alert him if there is any change in our contact info, especially if moving.  He needs to get it from us directly.


He presented the following renewal cards to members: Steve Szyszk for 5 years; Rusty Orvik for 12 years; Mike Kelly for 36 years; Carl Kauffmann for 44 years; and Jack Pitzer for 51 years.  Chris also has mailed a card to Scott Werner for his 54 years.


Terry reported the good work by Dennis Ritchey as part of the BHS leadership forum in Nashville recently to get a new piano for a nursing home the barbershoppers visited there.  Congrats for taking the leadership Dennis.


Actually here is a report on the three major events in Nashville in mid-July that several of our guys attended. Those who attended the category school for judges included Joe as music judge, Tony as singing judge, and John Santora, Chris Buechler, Chuck Harner and Alan Lamson as administrators.


Besides Dennis attending the leadership form as M-AD president there was Shawn Tallant as

M-AD membership chairman, and Terry Reynolds recently named to a special team of leadership experts for BHS.


The following guys participated in the actual Harmony University events: Joe on staff of directors’ college; Terry on staff of leadership college; Mike Kelly ran AV programs for HU; Casey Belzer attended as a music educator; Chris Buechler was a HU student; and Alan Lamson was a facilitator trainee.


Membership chairman Rich Hewitt welcomed our guests and applicants for the nite.  The section leaders had an audition after the meeting.


 Great to have TJ Jones with us this week!

Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 68th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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