Sunday, January 7, 2018

Looking Back on the Jan. 2nd 2018 Chapter Meeting 

The freezing cold temps outside did not keep Harmonizers away from our first meeting for 2018 which brings us back into Durant. Riser crews and av crews and hospitality crews were busy at 6 pm getting ready.

Associate director Tony Colosimo did the vocal warm ups and then director Joe Cerutti got us singing on “Blow Gabriel Blow.”  He apologized to all that this week’s meeting would have a lot of talking and reports as we kick off a huge year-long plan for 2018. But he was excited to share news and plans and new directions with the chapter.

Executive director Terry Reynolds began the meeting portion by welcoming a number of members we have not seen for a while – Bob Mattes, Matt Kahn, Masahisa Takahashi Terry Jordan, Calvin Schnure and Ken Fess.

Terry announced that all chapter meetings/rehearsals will be at Durant for the month of January.

He reminded everyone that Tuesday was the last time you could give your money to convention chairman Craig Kujawa to purchase a seat in the Harmonizer block of seats at the International convention in Orlando in July at the early-bird price. There are provisions for getting a registration/ticket/seat later.  Be sure to watch for messages from Craig and his periodic “Magic City Countdown” newsletters.
Craig also suggested strongly that Harmonizers should use the link he published to get their housing in Orlando.  There was also talk among members at break and afterglow about some guys finding good airfares. 

Terry asked all attendees this week to indicate on the charts he posted behind the risers which of the one-on-one interview sessions each of us would be able to attend.

Secretary Chris Buechler presented a new member certificate to Ben Watsky and a Man Of Note Award to Mark Klostermeyer.
Those who ordered CDs from our Carnegie appearance were asked to pick them up at break.

Membership director Dave Kohls welcomed six singer guests for the evening – Mike, Jerry, Connor, Andre, Dan and Zak

After break, we took seats for a “sort-of” State of the Chapter session.  We reviewed the successful 2017 Harmonizer year including the good news that we ended the year “in the black.” Certainly the support of many members and former members helped with that, as did the successful holiday show headed up by Brian Ammerman. A complete “Looking Back at 2017” edition will be published right after the Presidents’ Banquet.

Incoming president Shawn Tallant presented an exciting look at his plans and expectations including his goal to be open, to seek input and to be our voice. He spoke about the honor he felt in being our president and the challenge to manage a combined budget of over $200.000. He emphasized it is a TEAM EFFORT. Shawn’s military and professional background will prove useful for him as he leads the board this year – Chris Buechler, Al Herman, Dave Branstetter, Clyde Crusenberry and Matt Doniger. As a leader you would not be surprised Shawn suggests that every couple years, each member needs to step up to the plate to head up an event or activity (Shawn asked for a show of hands of men on the risers who have had military or leadership experience – it was 100%!).
Liz Birnbaum, president of Alexandria Harmonizer, Inc. spoke about the role of that board and its composition – four non-Harmonizer community members (Liz Birnbaum, Julie Rizzo and Pat Miller and five Harmonizers (Ken Fess, Bruce Roehm, Shawn Tallant, Randall Eliason). Yes - currently there is an opening for a community member and for a Harmonizer. If you have ideas for candidates, Ken Fess is nominating committee chairman.

The operations team was announced that does the day-to-day work for the chapter with leadership from Executive Director Terry Reynolds. Every member will serve on a team and those team meetings will be held on a couple Tuesday nites during the year. 

Artistic director Joe Cerutti then presented an exciting look-ahead for the chapter and its chorus.  He too thanked many for their work last year and for the contributions by the membership in general.  An overview of topics he covered include;  the plan to do another major musical performance at Strathmore; a new contest ballad for us to sing in Orlando, arranged by David Wright, to go with our uptune  “Blow Gabriel Blow;” a retreat in preparation for contest with super coaches; a fantastic 70th anniversary show (Platinum Moments) Sept. 8th at Schlesinger Hall with major VIPs and BHS talent with the chorus singing the top ten songs from the past as voted by fans and members in a survey; the production team for the anniversary show is headed by Matt Doniger, Rebecca Conner, Krissi Folsom and Rob Langston; producer for the holiday show in 2018 will be Jeff Burkey; section leaders this year will be Brian Ammerman, Reed Livergood, Chuck Hunter and Andrew Havens.

Notes from the speakers this week will be released to the membership via email.  That message will include the very complete calendar of events, rehearsals and activities.  Everyone will need to get those dates posted on their personal calendars. 

In other news, a number of Harmonizers attended the annual holiday blast hosted by the Dundalk Chapter on Thurs. Dec. 28th. Past district popular quartet ARCADE made an appearance for their 25th anniversary.  Mike Kelly filled in as bass. Rick Taylor sang with ARCADE too and with BSQ, 

Hope many members will take the suggestion from Craig Kujawa about participating in the Scrip program.  It is an easy way for a member to help the chapter increase its income.  We made $1,200 last year, according to Craig.  That is nice, but it’s less than a tenth of what the chapter could be earning with wider participation.  Craig was at the rehearsal to assist people in signing up. If you didn’t speak with him, do so next week.

Before we adjourned, the chapter sang a message of condolence to Alan and Jan Lamson and their family.

Until next time – editorjack!
(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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