Saturday, September 21, 2019

Looking Back on the Sept. 17th Chapter Meeting

This week we celebrated a successful fall show and thanked those who made it go so well.  And we started on our contest songs for our appearance at the Seneca Land District Contest. Then we ended the evening working on our strategic plan to measure excellence in our singing.

Since there was gonna be some talking, director Joe Cerutti invited the men to relax on the risers and let them all offer their reactions, patron responses, share fun stories and hint at improvements for next time.
Joe started the dialog with a huge thank you to Cy Wood for his dedication in making the fall show package a complete performance of the Broadway songs. Joe also thanked his parents, Joe Sr. and Janet,  for their behind the scenes work to make the show “go” and for their efforts to build a working relationship with the show venue
Joe also thanked the percussion guys he knew from college days and thru barbershopping – Doug Carnes, Edd Duran and Mike Feathers.  Our own Bob Blair joined them too.

For sure the soloists, the speakers, our terrific front row all were recognized for their important contributions to the show. 

Then Joe opened the floor for comments from all the members.

Joe also shared the exciting news that on Sunday after the show, a committee met to plan our 2020 fall show!  The songs are chosen, arrangements chosen, and plans for the script developed.

Then it was time to sing! Associate director Tony Colosimo conducted warm ups.

The four songs we are preparing for the contest stage in Rochester NY are “Anything Goes,” “I’ll Be Seeing You,” “Blow Gabriel Blow,” and “We Kiss In a Shadow.”  The judges will be invited to choose the two songs they want us to perform during the Seneca Land District Contest, Sept 27-29.

The music team urgently asks men to respond via Groupanizer regarding the smaller ensembles being formed for Art on the Avenue, Oct. 5th; Manassas Chorale Fall Concert, Oct. 12th; and Veterans Day Event, Nov. 11th. Once guys say they are available, music team will form an ensemble for those events.
Communications director Steve Murane conducted the chapter meeting. 

Our whole chorus will join in the fun and singing with the Alfred Street Baptist Men’s choir again this year.  We will have a guest chorus with us – the Washington Men’s Camerata. That event is Wed. Oct. 16th at 7 pm at their church on Alfred Street.

Anyone who wants to attend the 90th birthday party for Bob Wachter, hosted by the Mt. Vernon Chorus, should let Jack Pitzer know by end of the day, Sept. 19th.

Conventions/Contest coordinator, Craig Kujawa, spoke about the importance of guys responding to his emails about going to Seneca Land.  And he has added word that we can sign up for a buffet dinner on Sat of that weekend for $25.  It is a major event for their convention and we will actually be singing at that meal at 4 pm.  

Mike Edison announced a plan to invited chapter quartets to appear on shows.  Interested quarteters should speak with him soon.

Shows chairman Joe Cerutti Sr. awarded a $100 gift card to Ken Rub for selling the most ads for the fall show program, and a $50 card to Randall Eliason for second highest sales.

Joe Sr. thanked Connor Goss for his work on the lights for the show and all the many Harmonizer family members who worked as volunteers for the show.

AND – tickets are on sale for the Harmonizer’s Holiday Show, Dec. 21st at Schlesinger. Dean Sherick has tickets and you can get some on consignment from him.

President Shawn Tallant alerted the membership that he was issuing an email with full details about the chapter’s participation at the 2020 Harmony University in Nashville.  Take note and respond as requested.

Shawn also officially announced the chapter election on Tues. Oct. 1st. He reported the slate as presented by the nominating committee. All members are eligible to vote and are invited to attend that meeting.

The BHS chapter nominating committee has selected the following to stand for election at the annual chapter business meeting on October 1, 2019, as chapter officers for 2020:
    President – Stan Quick
    Immediate Past President – Shawn Tallant (not subject to election)
    Secretary – Christopher Buechler
    Treasurer – Alan Herman
    Member At Large – Clyde Crusenberry
    Member At Large – Frank Shipp
    Member At Large – Ben Watsky

Each of the above has been contacted and agreed to serve in the positions indicated. The 2019 nominating committee included Terry Reynolds, chair; Gary Cregan; Steve Murane; Bob Rhome; and Steve White

We had two first-time guests this week – BenWatsky introduced Jon Strickland and Dave Steadman.

After a chorus break we took seats and discussed musical excellence – a self evaluation.  Reed Livergood was leader for discussion and comparison of our performances on “Anything Goes” in 2013 International contest vs. our 2019 fall show.  Tony Colosimo lead the discussion on our performance of  “For Good” including a comparison with the Broadway show.

The good crowd of singers were busy getting the hall closed but some took time for a tag or song.

Until next time – editorjack! 

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record of the great things going on each week during the 70th year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. —YeEd

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