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Looking Back on the Nov. 9th 2021 Hybrid Chapter Meeting

 Looking Back on the Nov. 9th 2021 Hybrid Chapter Meeting


This week the Harmonizers meeting was entirely inside the Scottish Rite Temple (SRT) and the chorus rotated between the auditorium, lobby and the cafeteria.  This week’s chorus included the most singers present in over a year.  There were some challenges for singers with wearing masks and taking plenty of breath.  Jason Lee suggested three good masks to get – K95, N95, or KF94.


After a couple moves from room to room, everyone agreed it was easier to hear and sing in the cafeteria. 


Associate director Tony Colosimo lead the singers through a thorough warm up session this week and he included some exercises with arm and hand movements to strengthen sound production.


Artistic director Joe Cerutti welcomed the large number of members and guests to the meeting and the half dozen on Zoom.  It was good to see Ian Poulin, Reed Livergood and Brad Jones.  Joe also thanked the men for their willingness to be so flexible such as in the change of dates for the holiday performances and even in the weekly meeting format at SRT


The changes in the plans for this year’s holiday show mean it will not be at Schlesinger but instead there will be show performances at the Scottish Rite Temple in DC (NOTE this is not the place where we rehearse each week) at 2 pm and 6 pm on Sunday, Dec. 5th.  It will be a one-act show lasting about one hour.  There will be complimentary valet parking for both shows thanks to our friend and former AH Inc. community board member, Paul Dolinsky. At this point the plan is for singers to wear masks.  Stay tuned for any restrictions for the audience.


Joe welcomed Paul and Jeff Holt from the DC SRT with us this week to hear the progress on the holiday show music.


Joe also alerted members that the chorus will not wear the blue suits but will wear the colorful sweatshirts and white scarves, with black pants and shoes (specifics to be announced). Terry Reynolds is working to confirm which singers need any of the clothing items for the show.


There is also the likelihood that we will do a show performance someplace in the City of Alexandria such as at Market Square or a Mall or other venue on Saturday Dec. 12th.  Dean Rust is working to obtain clearances needed for outdoor performances.  Joe thinks we might combine a performance at Market Square with caroling/strolling down King Street.


Since everyone was in one room at this point during the meeting, the business session was held before the singing.  Executive director Randall Eliason announced that the Operations Team is planning to re-establish the working teams for the various operations that make the chapter run.  He will circulate info about this soon.


He also shared with YeEd that the incoming board for 2022 held an orientation session over the past weekend at the Harmo House.  It was a great success and allowed the new community board members to learn more about the chapter and for the barbershoppers on the board to get a feel for how the board can function.


Bruce Reahm, current president of the AH Inc. board, announced the launch of a “Giving Tuesday” fund raising campaign for the chapter.  Stay tuned.


BHS Chapter president Stan Quick announced that the Mid Atlantic District (M-AD) has inducted our own, Joe Cerutti, into the M-AD Hall of Honor in recognition for his work, contributions and support of the M-AD.  Joe is the 25th Harmonizer to be inducted into the Hall of Honor in our district.


Finally, membership director Jacob Broude welcome two singer guests this week – Jacob Fry and Andrew Wu.  Both guests made it to the afterglow and enjoyed some tag singing with members. The chorus sang the welcome song this week with Terry directing.  Good to do that again as part of our chapter meeting.


After all these show announcements, Joe worked on holiday music starting with “White Christmas.” Part of the room rotation included letting the half-chorus groups work on their songs for the show, as well as for some VLQ groups to work on their songs.


Our next  Harmonizer Tuesday meeting will be at 7 pm on Nov. 16th, 2021 at Scottish Rite   Temple on Braddock Rd. in Alexandria and will likely be a hybrid meeting again. 


The second BirthdayGlow will be held at Harmo House after chapter meeting to celebrate all the November birthdays.  Hope you can join in the fun.


Until next time – editorjack!

(This message is prepared for your review if you were there, for your information if you had to miss, and as a historical record for the great things going on each week during the 73rd year of the Alexandria Harmonizer Chapter. - YeEd)



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